River Cruises

River Cruises

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Cruising isn’t restricted to exotic islands, boundless oceans and around the World sailing, some of the most beautiful sights and experiences can be found nestled in the winding rivers that flow through wondrous destinations such as Asia, Europe and the Middle East. European cruises are especially popular and bring the historic, cultural and beauty-filled sights alive, all through scenic river cruises down some of the World’s most famous waterways.

Differing from standard cruises, river cruising takes place on smaller ships that typically tend to hold 90-240 passengers. Smaller vessels instantly allow for a greater level of intimacy and service standard, not to mention a much more personal approach to cruising. Smaller ships and fewer passengers create wonderful opportunity for socialisation and you can be sure to leave your journey with a selection of memories with new found friends.

Entertainment and ship facilities on river cruises tend to bring a much quieter affair than those found on Ocean based liners. River cruises create perfect opportunity for a quiet holiday and aside from location exploration, allow you to fill your days with peace, relaxation and a wonderful selection of fine food and wine.

River cruising incorporates a wide range of destinations into a varied selection of itineraries. With major cities and high profile locations making regular appearances, river cruising does tend to focus on picturesque towns and villages, filled with hidden gems and tourist delights. The inland waterways provide you with calm and smooth sailing and never fail to maintain stunning views that include picturesque landscapes and mountainous hillsides.

With rivers flowing through glorious destinations that are filled with things to see and do, river cruising puts you in the heart of the action and your ports of call are carefully selected, providing fantastic locations for every kind of tourist. Whether you choose to walk the historic paths of ancient Europe, take in the luxurious surroundings of the River Nile or to immerse yourself in the local life and street food that adorns the streets of Asia; river cruising truly brings you to the heart of amazing destinations, meaning you won’t have to look far for a whole host of sights, attractions and beautiful cuisine.

River Cruising Highlights

  • Amazing scenery and views gained through the oldest and grandest waterways the World has to offer.
  • Short distances between ports allowing a bursting itinerary of sights and attractions
  • Smaller vessels and fewer passengers creating a much more intimate cruising experience.

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