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The proud owner of some of the most fascinating coastlines on Earth, Alaska brings together perfected landscapes, enchanting wildlife and traditional villages together to present an integral destination on any cruisers to do list. Hidden behind glacier walls are seductive towns, large scale national parks housing famous wildlife and an intriguing selection of edible Alaskan treats.

Situated on the Arctic Circle, Alaska is America’s largest state and their wealthiest resource for gold and oil. Approximately half of the tourists arriving to Alaska travel by cruise ship and amenities and facilities have been perfected to suit the needs of cruising passengers.

Alaska has miles upon miles of rainforest and fascinating Arctic tundra that seem to magnetise cruisers from all over the World. With more mountains, glaciers and wildlife that almost anywhere else in the World, Alaska truly provides a plentiful experience for all of its visitors.

When is the best time to cruise Alaska?

The Alaskan cruise season runs approximately from May to September. Choosing the best time to go is difficult and dependent on your plans upon arrival, not to mention the unpredictable weather conditions that Alaska certainly does not apologise for. June to August brings the hottest temperatures but rainfall is not uncommon during this season. For people who are heading to Alaska for wildlife spotting and the famous fishing expeditions, summer is certainly your best bet for cruising. With colder weather and spontaneous downfalls of snow, May to September brings the winter season and the cheaper Alaska cruise deals. Despite the chance of cancelled tours and excursions due to weather, September does bring the highest chance of spotting the miraculous Northern Lights.

Alaska Highlights

  • Head to Sitka and experience Alaska’s most beautiful seaside town. With an embedded cultural heritage, Sitka offers diving, snorkelling and ocean rafting.
  • For unbelievable views and landscapes, be sure to visit Misty Fjords’s National Monument. A national forest of epic proportions housing bears, wolves, otters, salmon, killer whales and heron.
  • Perfectly situated and a common cruise destination, Icy Strait Point offers a remote wilderness experience and the largest, longest and highest ZipRider zip line in the World!

Ports for Alaskan cruises

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