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Asia is a striking and wonderfully diverse cruising region, filled with sights, sounds and smells that provide a cultural explosion for everybody’s senses. From tantalising local street food, idyllic beaches and historical sights and temples, Asia is a heavenly destination offering some kind of haven for all of its visitors.

A truly captivating cruise region, Asia is bursting with beauty, culture and local people who will make you fall in love with this fascinating and dazzling corner of the Earth. Whilst Asia has been known to provide initial feelings of sensory overload and slight intimidation, it is also these feelings that later bring the primary charm to this wonderful region. The World’s largest and most populous continent and such relative proximity between countries, Asia comprises a seemingly endless collection of cultures, languages and customs. With so much to see, and experience, Asia really is a cruising dream with an endless amount of cultural gain. If you are ready for your Asian exploration, use our deal finder now to find the best cruise deal for you.

When is the best time to cruise Asia?

Asia has an extremely diverse climate that differs between all regions of the continent. With the ability to have extremely hot and humid summers, a very popular time for cruisers to embark on their journey is commonly between October and November. These months still bring welcomed sun rays that are perfect for the beach hunters, but also possess a cool breeze for those seeking long days of historical and cultural discovery. February also brings a popular time for cruises to Asia, however east Asia can still be quite cold around this time. Due to the different climates and multitude of inviting islands, it is often advised to research weather according to your desired itinerary and activity wish list.

Asia Highlights

  • An Asian favourite and often considered Southeast Asia’s number one City, Bangkok is Thailand’s cultural hub that is rich in legacy, temples, nightlife, shopping and World famous street food.
  • Rising in popularity annually, Singapore is racing towards the top of the favourite Asian cruise destinations. Providing cruising perfection, Singapore offers marvellous cityscapes, trendy and boutique shopping opportunities and plenty of fine dining cuisine options.
  • Don’t miss out on one of most popular tourist destinations in the World and make sure you head to Beijing. With over 4.4 million international tourists visiting annually, Beijing is filled with an unrivalled selection of discovery and delight.

Ports for Asian cruises

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