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Europe is consistently considered as a ‘bucket list’ travel destination due to the significant history and elegance it spreads across a diverse range of cities and tranquil islands. Where empires were created and later destroyed, where art and architecture thrived, giving birth to a magnificent array of structural grandeur. Where regional cuisine was born and favoured all over the World and where the hustle and bustle of great cities combined with beautiful beaches came to create a unique and diverse kingdom of cultural celebration.

With lush green hillsides, magnificent mountains that beautifully frame charming villages and inter-winding rivers, Europe provides cruisers with some of the most memorable sights and tastes they are sure to experience. Cruising Europe allows for passengers to enjoy a land and sea based journey throughout this magical region, filled with comfort, indulgence and constant discovery.

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When is the best time to cruise Europe?

Although cruises are indeed available year round, April to November create the largest selection of cruise deals to choose from. With winter and autumn consuming the other months, if this is indeed your preference cruise ships will still be available. With winter bringing less sun and colder weather, hot weather and beach based fun can still be found in some regions such as the Canary Islands. Some areas such as Great Britain and Ireland can be much colder and rainfall can be very constant. Despite changes in all European regions and some countries experiencing hotter weather than others, June to August brings the hottest months and along with it, the high season of European cruising.

Europe Highlights

  • With World class beaches and year round sun, the Canaries provide perfect opportunity to add beach based fun to your European itinerary.
  • Head to England’s capital of London and see the whole City from the famous London eye, have dinner in one of the many Michelin stared restaurants and be sure to pay Buckingham Palace a visit and keep an eye out for the Queen!
  • Head to Rhodes in Greece and immerse yourself in a beautifully traditional Turkish bath!

Ports for European cruises

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