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Hawaii is a mesmerising bounty of scenery, attraction and cultural fusion. One of the World’s favourite holiday destinations, Hawaii is famous for its laid back atmosphere and picturesque volcanic islands. A paradise island that became part of the United States in 1959, Hawaii offers the pure indulgence of the Pacific, but comes complete with a United States standard of healthcare and public services. Cruising is a hugely popular way for holiday makers to encounter this cluster of stunning islands that are fuelled with a mixture of Polynesian, American and European influence.  A cruise around the Hawaiian Islands really does allow for an ideal travel experience. Home to the World’s tallest sea mountain and the creators of modern day surfing and the famous hula, the Aloha spirit of Hawaii’s people is as alluring as its beaches. As Mark Twain perfectly described Hawaii “That peaceful land, that beautiful land… the climate, one long delicious summer day, and the good that die experience no change, for they but fall asleep in one heaven and wake up in another.” It is no surprise that people return again and again for more of this Pacific paradise.

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When is the best time to cruise Hawaii?

Cruising is a popular travel option for Hawaii all year round and the majority of cruise companies offer packages throughout the year. The temperatures can range between 29 degrees in summer and 24 degrees in winter. Customer date selection is often swayed by their desired itinerary as certain activities and some sights are best suited to certain times of the year. Whale watching is extremely popular in Hawaii and brings many speciality cruises to the islands. Despite being the rainiest months, December to May present the best months for this and with it, brings large crowds of excited travellers to Hawaii. November to February bring the best waves for the active cruisers and provide a surfing haven at sea. Operating only two seasons, Hawaii sees its summer in May to October, whereas winter falls from November to April.

Hawaii highlights

  • No visit to Hawaii is complete without a visit to its most famous beach, Waikiki. A glistening white sand beach, Waikiki is a popular hot spot for snorkelling, swimming, surfing and canoeing.
  • Head to Maui and experience exquisite natural beauty in the botanical garden. Take a sunny stroll through the lush greenery and colourful range of flower.
  • Gain insight into Hawaiian history and culture and explore the Big Island. Try local cuisine at the farmers market, shop in independent boutiques and visit the fantastic range of museums.

Ports for Hawaiian cruises

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