Mediterranean cruises

Cruises from the Mediterranean

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Cruises from the Med allow for a fantastic mix of city sights, exotic surroundings, great views and a wondrous menu of gourmet cuisine. A Mediterranean cruise provides a gateway to a seemingly endless possibility of destinations and opens up fantastic opportunity to explore the diverse and cultural delights of Europe.

A Med cruise brings a countless host of sights, activities and adventures, all within short distances in between. From fashion districts to international wine, coastal wonder to European delicacies, a Mediterranean cruise provides memories and experiences that will last a life time.  We have hundreds of cheap cruise deals for you to compare, with routes, ports and destinations a-plenty, your Mediterranean adventure is waiting for you to explore. Cut out the search engines and enquiry forms now and enjoy being just one step away from your dream cruise now!

When is the best time to cruise The Mediterranean?

Cruising is extremely popular all year round in the Med; this is due to the large amount of sights and excursions that aren’t fully dependent on weather. Being one of the most popular cruise regions in the World, most cruise lines ensure availability for cruises throughout the whole year. The peak season for cruising tends to hit the Med in the summer months of May through to September. November to March brings to most rainfall to the region however the Canary Islands are perfect for the winter months due to their year-long climates.

Highlights of cruises to The Mediterranean

  • Take a river trip on a classic wooden gondola down the river in Venice! Make the famous photos a reality and enjoy the riverside beauty whilst you are rowed along in the classic Venetian transport!
  • Make a port stop in Rome and revel in the visual delights of one of the most ancient cities in Europe. With authentic roman ruins and breath taking architecture, Rome provides everybody with a historical and cultural dream.
  • Head to Dubrovnik in the heart of Croatia and take wonderful photographs of the dramatic buildings and stunning coastal surroundings. Dubrovnik provided the location for many filming scenes in ‘Game of Thrones’ and is a perfect setting for a day of cultural exploration!

Ports for Mediterranean Cruises

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